This is a great resource for understanding the wire-frame. What it is and how to create your own. We will be using illustrator to create our wire-frames.


Steps to create Your wire-frame:

  1. Create an illustrator file with the width of 1024px and height of 2000px
  2. Create a 12 column grid system with 20px margins that fills entire art board
  3. On a new layer create your screen simple boxes with labels that represent sections of your screen design
  4. Duplicate art board 2 times and create 3 variations (or possible layout solutions) for each page on your site
  5. safe as a pdf and upload to your blog

The Gold Ratio


Ratio: 1 : 1.618

The Facebook example of using the golden ratio:

Another design example of using the golden ratio:


Denver Water Campaign

This Advertising Capaign is an excellant example of a creative way to solve for the communication problem/need. A designer must be able to articulate the essense of the problem/need to effectivly create designs that function sucessfully wheather it be to sway public opion, change behavior, inform, assist in way finding or provide an emotional responce.

See the link below to view a slidewhow of Denver based advertising/design adgency Sukle’s public awarness campaign for Denver Water.

Slide Show