Course Description

Course Description

This course is an intensive exploration toward understanding the fundamental principals in communication design. We will be combining theory and practice via studio lectures, hands-on demonstrations, readings, media explorations, discussions, and critiques. Students will explore the nature of visual communication by utilizing the primary principles of design with gradual expansion on these principles through assigned exercises and projects.

You will be engaged foremost as a visual problem solver, emphasizing the process of design through research, hand-sketching, and later in the semester a greater focus on solving visual communication problems through digital design practices. This course will emphasize the use of technology and media as a means to communicate ideas. In this course you will work with the following software programs—illustrator, photoshop, dreamweaver and flash. As well as coding languages such as html and css. Keep in mind these programs are tools to help you realize ideas, not the primary focus of the class.

This course will introduce you to graphic design and its basic elements, provide you with some “real-world” communication problems to solve, introduce you to a wide variety of tools to help you communicate effectively, and provide a positive critical atmosphere to facilitate aesthetic appreciation of good design and effective communication.

Projects are geared to applying and exploring the possibilities inherent in the theoretical principals introduced; they allow you to focus on meaning, aesthetics and functionality in graphic design. Conceptual development, verbal articulation of visual solutions, research, production, and visual, verbal and written presentation skills are all essential to this course.


syllabus poilicies Spring 2013


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