When you see a website that upon clicking a button, link or image and a modal displays on top of the page, this is most likely jquery. jquery is a Javascript library (a javascript file). Any jquery code you write or use on your site will need to be on top of the jquery library. To start using jquery you must either download the latest verion of jquery (http://jquery.com/) or link to a version of jquery from googles web cloud library (https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/devguide).

Once you point your web page to the jquery library you can start to write jquery code. So what is jquery? It is a script language that allows interaction, functionality as well as manipulate html and css. So you can use jquery to add or remove classes or html elements or change attributes about either.

There are many jquery plugin that you can install into your web page. So this is jquery and sometimes html/css that is written and bundled and all you need to do is put the files in the right place in your root directory and integrate the plugin code with your own.

Here are a couple of good jquery plugins:

Foundation: Modal, Carousel

Slimbox: Modal/lightbox

Caroufredsel: Image Carousel

CDrops: Smooth scroll horizontal


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